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CD writing on Fuji


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Have a customer who finds the CD written from the Fuji inappropriate for his use and has asked how can he get round the browser on the CD so he can easily email pictures for business purposes.  Can't really specify waht he does but it is a legit business need.  I think by default, the CD is in Fuji CDPro format

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Hi. I have not yet done any cd writing from my Frontier, but from what I read and know about pictures on cd and computers, this is a problem of picture file format compatibility. CD's written on Frontier machines will have the photos in TIFF or GIFF file formats and some computers (depending on the programs installed) will not be able to read or convert those photos so that they can be openned (viewed). The commonly used photo format is JPG where almost any computer (with basic windows or mac) will open and allow some manipulation including sending them via email.

Your customer might need to first covert the photos from TIFF/GIFF format to JPG, or use Adobe software to open the photos and then save them with the same program.

Another information to note is that some photo kiosks (mostly Kodak) do not read photos written in TIFF or GIFF file format.


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