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After you finaly get the machine up and going remove the existing floppy disc for the back up slot from the drive then replace it with a new one. I have had a 277 a 278 and a 295. One of them had 2 floppy drives and I forget which so if yours has 2 then make sure that you replace the backup floppy and not the master.format the new floppy if needed then do a backup. This may or may not help but it is worth a try. They need replacing every so often. Do not discard the old floppy untill you make sure that the new on is formatted and data saved properly.

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Is the machine on a timer or are you starting it from scratch COLD? It has been a while since I ran a 278 but if you are starting it from scratch COLD then the hourglass may be normal dont hold me to it though as I said it has been a while since we ran ours. What happens if you starte the machine and let it sit? Will it eventualy boot up or do you have to reboot in order for it to boot properly?

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