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fuji 330 p2 heating very slowly


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I am not a Fuji expert, but:

If it's anything like the Noritsu, maybe the heating element is bad, a blown fuse or a bad SSR (solid state relay).  The reason it heats up at all is because of ambient heat dissipation from the neighboring tanks.

Try checking fuses first.  If they're OK, try swapping heating elements with P1.  If the P2 heats up, but the P1 doesn't, then it's a bad heating element.  If P1 heats up, but P2 is slow heating up, it could be the SSR.

Hope this helps.

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It could be a circulation issue with a dirty filter or bad circulation pump. or it could be elictrical with a bad SSR or heating eliment.The first thing that I would do is to check proper circulation in the tank. Remove the filter all together and see if it helps the problem. If it does then replace it with a new one. If not then you have an electrical issue most likely but checking for proper circulation is a quick thing to rule out befor you go chasing down electrical stuff.

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