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PD current initial value for frontier 330


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Hi everyone,

I still have the problem of yellowish tint on the prints. This morning I found the PD current initital value on my Frontier 330 at 12.71. Is this normal? Could this cause the yellowish tint on the photos? I saw a thread here on the forum in which someone said he had reduced the value from 13. to 5.8 and he said his photos were no longer yellowish. Can I change this value myself or should a technician do it? And if I change it and I find there is no change or the problem gets worse, can it be returned to the previous value?

Please advise.

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Thanks guys, but do you think reducing the PD current value might help to remove the yellowish tint on the prints? I mean, can a high PD current value cause the yellowish tint? I don't want to change anything unless it is really necessary, so I need to know whether this would help to solve my problem, otherwise it's not worth trying it out.

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Do you condition prints pass? If they pass OK and the yellow tint shows up on the non-exposed areas on the condition print then you probably have a dirty optical path in the laser unit. If this is the case changing the PD current will not solve the problem. It might help a little but then your AOM's will have to work harder. If you are sure all your chemistry is good you might try changing the AOM driver (silver box near laser). If all that fails, it is a problem with the laser unit.

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