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Neil,may i trust with KimTech Inc ???


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I have dealt with kimtech (bought paper magazines) and almost bought a 3011 from him.  I had absolutely no problems.

I have also been to AAA imagings facilities (a few years ago to look at a digital carrier).

My impression: you get what you pay for.  

I have nothing bad to say about either place... however ...

An alternative is phototrader.com (ask for Nando).  I purchased 2 Noritsu machines from them  - one of them got sick right after delivery and phototrader covered the price of the repairs.

Also if you could find David Zatz he could hook you up with another supplier (he used to be my rep at AAAImaging but left )

That's my 5 cents!


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I have just bought a Frontier 340 honestly the machine looks like brand new excellent condition but during shipping i think somewhere although i got it by air and paid a fortune it got damaged somewhere between Canada and Afrcica but they are trustworthy although lets see i have some technical questions but they are slow in responding I will put a post on this forum how their technical side was so far I am waiting. Otherwise they are trustworthy and gave me what they promised. I would reccomend them Mr. Eugene is a nice man and honest. Tanks Ejaz

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