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Master Machine Balance


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Hi All,

I am working on aFrontier 370 useing Fuji Crystal Archive paper.  I am fairly new to the Frontier as I took a break from the industry for a while but am now back in the lab. I have noticed since I took over the lab that the Machine prints very cool in my opinion. I know that every thing balance and AIM point wise is now closed loop ICC profiles (at least I think) so my question is is it possable to change the master AIM to warm the machine up? If so I need to know where to find the menu and a password. I know that in the beginning this lab ran a differant paper type for a short while and I'm woundering if perhapse thay didnt change the Paper Condition setup over to the new paper type. How can I check to see what the machine is set up for. Need menue and password if possable.

Many Thanks,


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