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Hi, Im running on fuiji 7500 series, I always facing photographers complaint of poor quality printout for under and over expose picture. THe underexpose print turnout to be very noisy and the color is patch without graduate tone. the overexpose is burnout of white color the detail are lost and is very obvise compare to fuji 570 printout.

kindly advise if there is any setting or adjustment need to do to compensate the quality.

by the way, im using MS software.

thank you very much.

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You bought Noritsu, not Fuji. Unfortunattely, due to management decision, there is NO Fuji minilab anymore.

In this case Fuji R&D and Noritsu R&D should seat in the same table with open cards... and probability for that is like BMW and Mercedes R&D people seat in the same table. Sorry people, but this is just a good joke, especially in the case of egoistic engineers.

So, maybe, just maybe, MS 3.0 will solve the problem, but I have very big doubt about that.

You, as the owners, know that MS software is build above Noritsu software, so, either you should have full specs of Noritsu software or you just walk in the dark. Second about MS software is that his is more database then production software. People who wrote this software have very low knowledge of photography and their task is that MS should be connectable to all output devices, like Fr330/340/350/500/570/7000/7500, Epson SP, ASK etc. I think this is too much.

This all story remindes me about Chrysler&Mercedes merging....

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