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Greenish or redish B/W Photos  


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I´m new at this forum. I found it searching an answer for some troubles and i hope to find help here.

I have a Frontier 375 and i´m having issues with the printing of b/w photos. They coming out with a redish tone. I use the MS 01 2.5.5 software and fujifilm ink and paper. I dont know how can i fix that.

I have the same issue with a frontier lp 7500, but the tone comes out greenish. Specially in certains focused zones  (w/fujifilm ink and paper).

I work the photos in photoshop cs3, and convert them to b/w in many ways: channels, color lab, Rob Carr, etc etc... but it´s the same with all of them.

When i see them at the monitor, i cant see any trouble. I´ve tried changing profiles, converting to b/w directly of the MS, but nothing...

I think than it´s matter of change the channels in the MS 01 2.5.5, but i dont know how to do it without expend lots and lots of paper.

Please... help me! 0_____o    

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Try to change or upgrade the profil paper of your machine LP7500.This is a problem with your paper responses and the profil.

With this machine in thecnic service mode you can change the paper type surface a ,b,c ,d ,try each mode and find the good.

For information => this probleme was same for the kodak/noritsu machine DLS series ,and the last paper (kodak royal digital) ,for the B/W in, a certain exposure or light a greenzone can be see . See with B/W Film and Photographic File.


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Merci beaucoup frenchman

No pensaba encontrar ayuda tan rapido, menos de una persona que maneje el español, el frances y el ingles  ::) Quand j´essaie parler ou écrire en francais, inconscienmment, je le mélange avec les autres deux langues. Je dois étudier un peu plus.  

I´ve tried to find in the MS 01 2.5.5 software of the lp7500, the option of "technic service mode" for changer the paper type surface, but i can´t. Exactly, which option inside de MS 01 2.5.5 i must open to find the paper type surface and change it?

Instead, it´s possible to know wich color profile it´s better for this? because i´ve tried many combinations after, but i´ve only emphatize these errors.

Sorry for being so lame, i´m kind of newby with these machines.

Thanks for help me, i really appreciate that

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Hi Dhampir,

When you invoque the maintenance menu by the windows menu ,touch F1 F9 in the key board and ad this password 2260,now you have the Frontier/noritsu services menu ,go to the laser setup to see the differente passibility.  BE CARREFULL IT'S BETTER TO BE DRIVED BY A FIELD ENGIENEER.

But in this section of your machine ,you can setup a different paper combination.


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