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Frontier 370 White Edge on print


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Hi All,

I am printing with a Frontier 370 and I am getting a small (1-2mm) white edge on the ends of my prints. The white edge is slightly crooked, being thicker on one side and getting thinner towards the other side. I only get this when I print 3.5x5" prints with 5" paper loaded. I tried callibrating the paper feed for 5" paper but even with shortening the calibration it it still there. I'm not sure what could be causing this...

Is it possible the paper is going through crooked perhaps?

Thanks for any help!


Attached is a sample print to look at...

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Just had this problem myself!  Easily fixed by cleaning all the rubber rollers under the doors on the left side (paper feed side) of the machine.  I have also seen this occur when paper is loaded that has shifted off the core a couple of milimeters. This causes a slight skew as the paper exits the magazine.  So clean the feed rollers, and check the paper in the magazine.

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