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PIC vs Other Image editing software


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Hi All,

I have been out of the industry for 5 or so years now and am just getting back into game. I am presantly running a 370 with PIC 2.6 . I am woundering if there is other editing software or newer version of PIC software that has more presise custom editing controlls espicaly in density area much like levels would be in photo shop. I am in a resort area and have several clients who shoot on the beach. The familys always , always , always insist on wearing white so unless the exposure is perfect I have to lighten the images for skin tone and blow out the whites. Does anyone have any suggestions for a more custom editing software that will be compatiable with the 370?

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Thanks for the response. I have found very little information on PIC software. Do you know of any links/websites that I can look at specs for this software. I have googled it and find nothing. Will I have to go tru Fuji Direct? The machine we are running was ourchased use third oarty and not directly from fuji. We have had problems with our PIC in the past and the people we purchased from are les than helpfull in the software department unless of corse we would like to purchase a new PIC which someone I know did and the " NEW PIC" ended up being an older than dirt PC with a newer gosted version of software on it that cost $ 2500.00

   So If you have any suggestions of who I can talk to about specs ( PIC500 vs PIC 3.3) and purchasing new software I would be greatful.

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Not at all, she emailed me so I just told her the difference between the two software's. But I also told her that if in fact she wanted a PIC pointed to a Company I know and they are very reliable. and I also have the software that I did not use since I have a PIC, but is not a pirate..all original.

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