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E2624 & W2611 / frontier 370 errors


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  • 4 years later...

Did you ever find a solution to this?


I currently have the same issue with a 375. Both errors come up instantly when machine is restarted - heater is stone cold so not even attempting to heat.

Have changed heater & thermostat. Then tested circ pumps. Also changed PAC20 & CTP20 boards, then changed PDC20 & CTL20 boards. Checked circuit breakers. No change at all so we have put all original boards back.


Our technician has now flown down but he seems to be stumped too... He changed the power supply but that didn't help and has put a multimeter in there and believes that power is getting to all of the boards.


We did have a jam in the dryer before these faults came up but we can't find any problems up there either.



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