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SP 2000 keyboard faulty


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Dear Friends/Experts

My SP 2000 Scanner is faulty, totally inoperational. Can I use my PS2 keyboard which is connected to MCU to be used completely as (or in replaced of) Scanner Keyboard? If so, what are the keys and functions?

I have no clue as to what made the Scanner keyboard faulty. Please advice.

Many thanks,


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Already using normal keyboard. However, should you know some functions on it, e.g., how to change print size, order, etc, pls let me know.

I have already known some functions: shift while powering on will go to Windows. Windows key + E will go to Windows explorer. However, I wanted to go the printer functions using the normal keyboard. Kindly assist.


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I HAVE NOT YET TRIED. BUT I HEARED ITS POSSIBLE TO USE.   you can use Num keys to manage color corrections. like Num lock should ON. keys rep. 7,8,9 will be cian, magenta and yellow and 4, 5,6 are red, green and blue. 1 and 3 use to control density.0 for cancel density corrections. i will inform you if i get more details.


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