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Frontier Longest Print Size


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How can I make a longer print size, longer than the printer allows me?

I would like to know this for my Frontier 340 and 350 minilabs.

Is there any workaround to create, for example 25x60 cm size?

I understand the width limitation, 203 for Frontier 340, and 254 for Frontier 350, and I am reffering to the lenght factor only.

I am bringing that to discussion because I heard someone that some Noritsu can make really long prints. Is it true? Do our Frontiers do that, too?

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Frontier have a LINE PRINTING METHOD so its may be possible to print more then 305MM with the help of some software modification FE, A1 etc. and extend the Limit from 305mm to 350mm or els.  

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The problem is that when the paper leaves the exposure section and enters the processor the speed is different, so if you where to print longer than what fits in the exposure section, the processor would drag the paper to fast past the exposure unit and it would not be exposed correctly.

Thats why they have a long length print kit for the LP7xxx series, it makes the paper take a "detour" in the exposure unit so that it can print up to 90cm lenght.

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