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PIC order format


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I know many/most of you have the C series software, however if anyone does have the PIC i'm trying to figure out how to send it an order that will automatically be added to the order list for the technician.

The aladdin sends the images to //pic/requests does it also send a file indicating the file name, quantities and print channels? Or does it just add that information to some database somewhere?

If I can get this working I'll post my script files to get automatic orders from xKiosk or Aurigma PhotoKiosk.

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Hey Tyler. Not sure if you've solved your problem or not, but here's what I got. And bear in mind I'm doing this from memory, I'll check my steps for sure and update you when I get back to work.

Every order that is sent from the Aladdin kiosks includes an XML file that indicates the file's original name, it's converted name, file size, print size, quantity, along with customer info and more. You can view these files on the aladdin's hardrive. I'm not sure if we have the same setup, but for me I just windows+E to bring up explorer > C:/ > APM Folders > orders > printserverbackup > It'll list all recent orders from that kiosk by order number. Open the folder and all the photos will be contained, and the xml file should be included in folder. XML files can be kind of convoluted, but if you're patient or have an understanding of basic web coding you can decipher it fairly easily.

Hope that helps!

--jeff h // iaremoron.com

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