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C2 software to print from photoshop?


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Hello to all!!

Does anyone have use the C2 software to print from a windows application directly to frontier machines?

I'm trying to by-pass the Frontend interface because it has a lot of limitations!

The idea is to use the Adobe Lightroom softwarev for editing the fotos and send them directly to the frontier for printing.

Thanks in advence!


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You can use it from a networked computer as I noticed.

The program actually emulates a paper printer that can be shared from control panel and be seen and used by all the networked computers.

On a networked computer go to printers in control panel and click add new printer and browse for it.

I also experienced incompatibility if the network computers don't use the same version of Windows.

That PDF is a mess like all Fuji books except the disassembly ones. I cannot realise what exactly it sais as the tutorial mixes operating systems and does not put them apart and clear.

Lousy as usual.

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i have installed the C2 software on my C4/C5 pc, and it work perfeckt but when i

shared the printer and tried to print from an network pc, then i can´t select any print size on then network pc

I can only select the dummy print size.

does anyone have any suggestions on what i am doing wrong.

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