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Power Stabilizer Melted, Printer, computers, All


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I left the store last evening at about 20:00 and at about 20:00 the security of the store opened because there was smoking from my area.

They found flaming power stabilizer that gave power to the Frontier 340 and its computer, and also a light box from Fuji 70x70 cm also flaming.

Where is the problem?

You see I have the Printer not working now, which was just after the stabilizer, but the separate computer works, the stabilizer is melted, and also the light box, which was before the stabilizer, another computer, charger of batteries, stereo, all of these in another plug, separate from the stabilizer, but on the same main line that comes from a counter.

There also is a cash register burnt at the topper level of the store just above us. Luckily, de developer escaped with just the safety jumped to 0 position and works. It was before the stabilizer.

Some electronist told me that there might have been a suprapower wave because there is a big celebration in the city and maybe there was working to connect the stage and other consumers that crowd the city center, but no other store(our building but other pannels) or other buildings experienced problems, not eved power failure.

What do you think?

I thought it might be the stabilizer overheating, but the Printer was in standBy(shutDown) and the computers were off. Then, why would all burn, even other appliances not connected after the stabilizer, one of the computers, with an expensive power source, just got melted? I wonder why didn't the store's fuse went off just then(because I could see on my camera the guardians enter and take everything off the plugs), and why the stabilizer and the computer's source didn't trigger their own fuse protections?

The stabilizer's fuse is ok.

Might it be the heat from the outside?

Our main panel, the one with the main fuses, is on the building's exterior wall exposed to sun, and the last days, the automatical fuses went off 7-8 times a day. They are also undersized for the store's consumers.

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its very difficult to answer your question in a proper way. because cause of damage may due to many reasons. like it could be a internel short circuit. because you mentioned cash register also burned at top flore, or may be ac input fluctuations, high voltage spike, surge etc..but  i have noticed that during ac mains power related damages, most of the times  fuse remains without fail. so what i understand is most of the damges occur  before the fuse gones. but  if your entire system does have a ELCB  ( Earth leakage  circuit breaker) system, then  it could protect atleast. because whenever a leakage current  detected exceeds more than 30 mA,  ELCB should trip ( cutt OFF) the mains.



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I fgured it out better now as I thought about it. I forgot that the stabilizer was for a computer, the cash register, a vhs player and a dvd recorder: these all are undamaged even if the stabiliser is melted like being welded. It sacrificed itself for a good cause.

Everything else was exposed and cracked: light boxes from Fuji and Kodak, Frontier 340, Stereo, Chargers for the Studio Camera and Flash Batteries, the stabilizer also....

I don't understand though why only on my line of power that probably was also the one at the top floor on the same side.

Why not my neighbours from the same store, why not the upper floor, only one cash register there?

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Maybe your lab electrical supply is closest to the store fuse box, and your equipment absorbed the spike (damaging it in the process) so it didn't travel any further.

Another alternative is the spike was on only one supply phase (most commercial buildings have a 3 phase power supply which effectively means 3 separate power supplies coming into the building) and only your lab was connected to that phase, the rest of the building was on a different supply phase.

Just guessing really!

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I have made it in the end. The printer is safe. There were only the manual changheable 0-1 fuses blown, there are three just like the one on the developer.

The spaecialist told me that there was a fuse on the neutral wire(which is a mistake) and if that fuse goes off or you have a shortcuit somewere else, then the others receive much more voltage than normal.

I intend to put an overvoltage fuse also in my space next to the one for overload.

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