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Frontier 350 can be separated in 2 peaces?


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Thanks Christina.

I just have to move the printer and have to separate because of size of pathway.

After I got very expensive quotation from technician, I decided to do myself.

Is there anything I have to careful of when I separate 350?

Thank you.

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actually separation is not that much technical. but difficult part is the alignment while it fix back together. because you know screws are very inside the magazine units and inside very less space. you must be very thin to do it easy. ;-) . also take much time. another issue removal of cables. once you remove the screws and pull back printer little, say about one inch. you can see the harness at bottom ( back side.).then remove the back cover both printer and processor. remove harness carefully.( its a bench of cables)

i believe i did like this. because it was long back around 4 years ago. hope this may help you little.



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