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no print on fuji 370


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Don't know the machine but if you are getting white paper the other end then its not chemical and must be the laser in some way.

have you messed with any connections? cleaned it? etc.

I suppose it could be a software failing but as I said I don't know the lab. if you haven't tried already, shut it down and turn the power off at the mains. leave for 5-10 mins and reboot. that is just the first thing I would do in the same situation.

hope someone on here can help more than me.

good luck


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the problem is resolved

we found a paper jam under the laser in a way that it was impossible to make any print.

the photo goes under this paper jam and at the end it was all white.

what was strange is not having any error message on the machine.

this is for knowledge ; thanks for your assistance.

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