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Is there someone who knows if there exist  cleaning stuff for removing tar and silver rests? I always clean very well  but the last time I have regularly  tar or silver spots on my photos. (Frontier 330)  I want  something by which it is not necessary to replace  all the chemistry. Any ideas?   Peter

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Use Oven Cleaner Liquid! You can find it in almost any supermaket. it looks like the windows cleaner bottle and is a damn good cleaner even if it smells like hell.

I recomend washing the racks and crossovers with that cleaner and rinsing well.

At the same time empty the tanks in big tap water bottles or watever recipient you can find, separately, writing the chemical tipe on each one.

Wash the tanks very well, maybe with that oven cleaner also and rinse.

Put back the chemicals in the coresponding tanks using tissue or any form of filtering while pouring.


Don't worry to much about contaminating chemicals while colecting, restoring, washing. I am in this bussiness of more than 7 years and assure you that it isn't easy to distroy their quality. Just be careful not to mix in any way the first two chemicals, that's all.

I don't think there is any other better form of good cleaning the processor.


Another sugestion:

You can add the pills (FRSS/ FSC) directly into the filter tank/ deionizer. This way the water will stay clean and fresh all the way to the printer. Just add one pill for every 4 or 5 liters added into the deionizer and don't add into the printer or developer anymore.

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