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Overlay designing.

Christina Rose

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i have seen many enquires related with frame designing. here i would like to share my experience. i am not sure this is the right method. but it works for me.

one overlay ( frame) consist of three files. one main image, thumbnail image and .ovl file.

here is the example.

for 6x4 frame

frame size  width = 6.063 inch

hight                  =4.097

resolution           =300 dpi

format                = INDEX color.

create your own design. inside of the frame should be white color. if design width will be more it should cut the subject. so better keep it within 5 mm each side.

save as     frame-001-4R.BMP

for thumbnail image just open the same file (frame-001-4R.BMP) change mode to RGB then go to image size and change image width should 1 inch. remember constrain proportion should be selected.

then save as    frame-001-4R-TM.BMP

now two images are ready.

for .ovl file just open notepad type or copy paste following scripts



DESIGN_GROUP="Frame prints"









Then save this file as  frame-001-4R.ovl

now three files are ready. two image files and one .ovl file.

copy all these three files in a folder named    frame-001-4R

for installing this frame just copy this folder to  folder named Overlay. write it on a cd and install as usuall variety template.

hope this will help

here i am attaching the sample file also.


Christina Rose.

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On Fuji 350, 355, 370, 375 and 390 eprom can be upgraded only to version 2. Only system software can be upgraded to version 7.7. To upgrade eprom you should have UV erasure ( or new chip ) , eprom content and programmer. Eprom content is different for 390. System software also. I have all to upgrade minilabs.

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