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frontier7100 error 5913-1


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Error  05508 - 00000 means the processing solution level detectors of the processing solution float switches (P1, P2 and PS) turned off.
Look working tank levels. All level sensors should be in top position. If any too low - add a little of water.
If levels are correct, but software doesn't see it then need one by one check voltages on processor relay pcb connector J/P649 :
J/P649 pin 7  - sensor power supply ( 24V )
J/P649 pin 10 - voltage after CD processing solution sensor. When CD sensor is ON should be 24V.
J/P649 pin 14 - voltage after BF processing solution sensor. When CD and BF sensors are ON should be 24V.
J/P649 pin 18 - voltage after STB processing solution sensor. When CD, BF and STB sensors are ON should be 24V.
When all three level sensors are ON then LED7 on processor relay pcb should be light.
Look what you have and what missing.

05902-00000 means P2RA replenishment solution level sensor error. Here are not float sensors. This error see when P2RA upper replenishment solution level sensor is ON and when P2RA lower replenishment solution level sensor is OFF. Usually this error see when sensor is dirty. Remove sensors and clean them with hot water. Check level sensors on input check menu. When replenishment tank is full both sensors ( lower and upper ) should be ON.

How sensors connected you can see on LP7100 diagram. If have not it - write private message and I can help to get it.


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