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MS Fuji whit com 3702 Noritsu


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I am Ed, i live in Brazil. I Would like help:

I have a minilab Noritsu, but not like software. I intend to by software MS de cia Fujifilm. It possible comunication???

Website my CIA need a integration whit Minilab. Fujifilm have a MS13 (intregration Web / Prints).

Help me, please.



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in fact the main system software which comes with fuji frontier 7xxx series N1 which seems to be same Noritsu software. but Printing interface MS01 is entirely different and according to my knowledge, MS01 will not support Noritsu minilabs. because there are no options to select the Noritsu printer while installation. i beleive that such an excellent software MS01, fuji should keep the monopoly deserve with FUJI frontier minilabs. also Noritsu software wont support fuji minilabs.



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