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Confirmation.. Frontier 330


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Hi all,

       Just wanna some clear information, can i connect a Frontier 330 to a Frontend (Server) for digital printing?? Therefore i would not use the system as it is now... i.e: I would perform all the correction on the server and once finished i will launch all my prints as for Frontier 350

     Cause my objective is to connect a DPC. The Frontier 330 is using B3\B4, i've tried to un-install the B3\B4 and install the C4\C5 but the icon 'Import from Digital' is absent, where is the error??  I've also tried to re-install the A-1 but it indicates an error like " the drive ......."

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its very clear that u can connect  Frontier 330 to frontend server.  "Import from Digital" would be absent because after installation C4-C5 in frontier ,need to configure the output device in Frontend server DI administrative settings.

the "drive configuration  ....Error" because drives should be configured  like incase of two HDD then  C,D,E,F and N for cd drive.


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               I've also configured the the output device in the frontend Di admin but still no go.  Even i re-start both system 2 (two) icons were still absent...  Can you give me the procedures to follow  to install and configure the server,please....



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Ok do onething if u believe installation on each side if perfect then, go to setup and maintenance  of frontier.type password 7777 and go inside...were " check installation information setup menu"  check external FIle I/O option ON or OFF. if its OFF then turn it ON. it should be ON for communication between frontier and frontend server.

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according TO MY knowledge..........

Fuji Imaging controller software c4-C5  WILL NOT support windows XP. This FDI software designed to work with Windows NT Server 4.0 with SP4, workstation 4.0 with SP4, windows 2000 server and windows 200 professional with service packs 2 at least.. if you want use XP , install C8 ( Simple print services). thru C8 able to print from windows XP client PC's.

or use FE system. in FE image controller named DIC ( Frontend server) support windows XP only.


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