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Why I Don't Like Fuji Frontier


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Don't you thik Fuji Frontier is really a sucks. Iam trying to connect Imaging Cotroller to one of my 570 which was working fine before I'd done the recovery after HDD crash (version A1 3.0 to Ver 1.8). and now I am facing problem though all settings are the same as Ihave an in my other 570. I can see both EZP00 and Fe-Frontend from each other system but SP3000 failed to connect with frontend. It is so ridiculios. and there is nothing in the service or instructions manual for the this troubleshoot.

is there anyone who knows step y step seeting fro the scratch?

I would be grateful.

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of course and that is the reason Fuji is out of main stream production line and now Fuji using Noritsu machines (by pasting there Sticker and painting the printer door with the green color  ;D )

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In this day and age it's about software more than hardwear.

Noritsu may be good at nuts and bolts, - but it's the fuji software that really makes a difference.

It is unfortunate that you didn't create proper backups in case of having to do a recovery.

I have always found Fuji helpful, - even when I don't have a support contract !


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