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George Best

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I've got a FE Imaging controller that worked with another Fuji 340 machine, but now I cant get it to work with another Fuji 340 machine. I can access the files on the Computer in the 340, i.e EzPc00, and vice versa, but I cannot get it to connect to the imaging controller. Th machine currently works with an older version of the software on the imaging controller, but I want to get FE since it allows many more options and is more user friendly for me. Any help will bee appreciated.

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Better stay at your place. Let the boss solve the problem as you can ruin the machine and be out of business for days and even pay a Fuji tech to solve what you did wrong!

I think any software Issues I can deal with. And you can always make an image of the hard drive

and restore it in case you want to go back.

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