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Fuji Software Downloads


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Even if they do make good minilabs, Fuji are a pain as most of us agreed here regarding support, information, manuals, etc.

If we wouldn't help eachother in here they would brake our backs for manuals download, overpriced service and all other.

Why, when these mashines cost as much or more than a luxury car?

I cannot express my sincere thoughts for them because you would ban me, I just don't understand how do they have the guts to restrict something that helps their labs work, labs that are already bought, paid for.

And for what to pay? For old software that works like a cheap carriage, with lots of issues on install and use, crappy graphical interface and all that?

They encourage some people too sell their software on the black market and rob us the same.

I have only the provided software on my labs. Do you think I wouldn't like FE Software or any other enhancements?

But am I crazy to pay for that overpriced pieces of code?

Damn the Devil!

Lots of gratitude to you all our priceless mates in this forum that help eachother in need.

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unfortunately software is like video editing, everyone wants it but no-one wants to pay.

  I.M.H.O. this whole area is a salesman's paradise nurtured very cleverly by *********, who have got away with selling little better than beta versions of operating systems and associated software for Hundreds of £'s with very little or no consumer backlash.

  Unfortunately, dedicated machine software will always be expensive. An engineering firm close to my heart has a formidable array of CNC machines that were modified for their specific purposes, when (thankfully only a couple of times a year) programs need updating or modifying outside of the operators capability it costs then £1000 per. day per. engineer for an engineer/programmer to visit, and they are usually on site for 5/6 days with a team of 2/3.

   How expensive does the software/servicing seem now? Expensive, yes, but a very limited market.

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yes. i agree most of the softwares are so expensive and noone wants really buy. but other side companies they do spent lot of money for the research and development of new programms depends upon the market needs.so i feel there should be a well mutual understanding between the end user and principal. i mean there should be a provision to get the free updates and new versions with an afforable price. now it seems to be buying new versions are so expensive.

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