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Fuji DPll processing time/speed


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Does anybody know (or maybe you could measure) the processing time for Fuji DPll paper? (dry to dry time)

Our lab does not give correct colors (black is not black) on DPll and Fuji tech guy said it was because our lab could not run at "low" processing speed, but I just found in service mode low speed setting.

We use CP49 chemistry.

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you are  talking about which modal frontier? . also if you dont mind would like to share where you found low speed settings? and what will happen if change to low speed?  

i can't belive that  frontier do have different processing speed with different emulsion of papers. i know there is options for low volume processing setup. may be i am wrong. would like to know more details.



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We use the LP7200, and the CP49E chemistry which allow for fast processing (i think 1 min 40 sec dry to dry time) but only for supreme paper according to Fujifilm, the DPll paper needs more time in the chemistry and thus the lower processing speed, but the current setting seems to still be too fast..

Settings are found in service mode and Noritsu maintenance (FA-1 - Maintenance):

Extension - Processor Settings - Processor Standard Setting - Drive Motor Recolution Count Setting

Profile is the correct one for this paper, confirmed by Fuji tech when machine was installed.

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May be i'm equivoqued ,but  i think the last version MS is + patch

With this program you have the possibility to change the surface type paper (glossy type A,B,C Matte A,B,C) you see that in the paper spécification registration/setup (service mode)


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but still i dont think its possible to reduce the speed of processing. i mean no setup for that. off-course menu showing the RPMs. but i think whenever  processing speed get reduced, prints may get over developed and which may affect quality. off-course freachman is right. i mean try with different paper profiles till getting the required black.

N1 3.10 is good. i have already updated few machines.

anyway like to know which paper profile you choose for DPII?


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