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Optimal Temperature setup


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After doing a optimal temperature setup for B-SHG, I get a abnormal B laser charasteristic.  LD before optimi was 57.7 and after 82.1. What is my problem??  Printing is no problem. Is there anything to get it normal again?  G-SHG gives no problems.  thanx

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Try doing the setup routine again. It could be a glitch. If that doesn't fix it go to the Blue laser data screen and look at the temperature. If the temp reads 38.00 C it means your blue laser is about to go out. I can replace it for you. Contact me at

Kevin Waller


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Laserfilter is the filter that is placed on the laserunit inside the machine, but exposure filter? What is there location? Do you mean the dustfilters on the left side of the machine?

But the optimal temperature setup for B-SHG, I still got a abnormal B laser charasteristic.  Results are not good.

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The PD current setting value is  11.60

The PD current measured value is 11.61/11.59

Only the LD current measured value is Not Good  82.9

Another strange thing happened tomorrow.  In the laser history display, the blue laser line dropped 13 points. (from 95 to 82)

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I must agree with Christina Rose, even though the LD current seems to have taken a sudden jump it can still last a long time. Keep up on the Optimal Temperature Setup and keep an eye on the temperature. When it starts to get near 38.00 deg. you should make arrangements to get it repaired/replaced.

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