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Hi Ladies and gents,

I am new to the group and just wanted to say Hi. I have been involved in the photofinishing industry for 25+years and worked with many equipment types. I colsed my wet lab 3 years ago and have been doing layout and design but have recently expanded and am now sharing a building and a  Frontier 350. I am now like a kid in a candy store again.

  However they have had some Repl. issues in the past and I am trying to wrap my mind around how this system works. Could someone explane to me exactaly what happens from the time the Repl. cube dumps untill it is mixed and ready for use. When we first moved in they had a problem and I had to completly drain the repl. tanks, set a new cube and let it starte over. As smart as this machine is how did it get to a point that it had to be dumped ( repl. tanks not working tanks) and remixed. I thought this machine was smarter than that. I obvsiously need to know how it works to understand the process. Even the old machines stopped when the float switch dropped so I dont quite understand this one but then again everything is internal and ya cant see a thing.

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  There are 3 tanks in the back p1 p2a p2b . The mix on demand once the replensher has been drained from the cube. Occasionaly and especially if they have been sitting too long one of the tanks in back will run out before the other. Call it a brain fart but the machine will not mix until all float switchs are at zero. The the proper procedure is to go through the menu on the processer itself and force it to mix as if it is a brand new installation. ASlso make sure you are giving water when it wants it . I have seen them mess up because of a air lock. :)

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OK That makes sence. So If I am understanding you the new chemistry is " Designed" to run out together(under normal conditions) however if the rep rates are altered for example for low volume over time one may run out before the other. I have also noticed that they arent always running right over to fill the water. Thank you. Ok am I right in that the cube dumps into 3 storage takns where the consentraite is then pulled and mixed into a Repl. soultion on demand NOT mixed into a repl. solution "tank" for use. than explanes the float switchews in back under the dryer section. In order for the system to work as designed they must run out together. I will keep that in mind with setting rep rates and doing pump outs etc. thanks.

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is it a specific color example shifting from netural to red etc. Im sure as you well know a B&W will be the first ya see a shift in and it can be minor. If it is just a few cc shift in a netural B&W it cluod be something as simple as a slightly more over active develored tank later later in the day vrese am slightly higher temp or replinisher it doesnt take much at all to show up in a B&W print. I had similar issues in the past making large print runs 500-1000 of the same image. Do you have the evaperation compensation turned on? Also if you are one of the ones who Still run control strips run and plot one at starte up and then run one and plot it just before shut down at the end of a busy production day compare the two and that just may answer your question. Remember in a B&W you can see a color shift much more so than in a color file. A .4-.5  change especialy a split could be seen in a B&w print.

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   The shift is erratic. We are a pro lab , mostly grad, portrait , wedding. So 10 inch paper move to the yellow while 11 and 5 will be cool to nuetral. New laser, AOM ll23 board etc... Plots are bang on . We are doing a meter recording of current now. This is a 570, our 370's have the same trend. Stop and rebalance or initial and rebalance will help but our clientel are might bit sensitve to this issue. This is raising a few eyebrows.

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Hummmm. You have peeked my couriosity. You realize that I will wake at 3am for a drink of water and not be able to go back to sleep. I missed being away from all of the equipment for the last few years but am glad to have my hands and head back in the game. If you do a print run for example 10 is the first matching the last? and the problem is that the am run doesnt match the pm run?

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hello there

im new to these machines too

but i got a useful informations about it by trying and deep examining

if you faced a broblem in replenishment section do the next:

1- move all the soluitions out of the tanks even the water (the tanks should be empty) except the racks section

2- after it became empty shutdown

3- but a new cardridge

4- turn on

5- it will say there is no soluitions and water so it will start replenishment then add water

6-now the rates of soluition will be normal and right (these steps because some times the printer freezes because there was ubnormal rates of liquids so it rejects to do anything)

7- now check the pumps (move the noisels or needels of reb. ot of the sub tanks then go to setup & mentenance look for pums check to try them step by step)

8- if the all works good its ok other wise check the pibes and filters and pumps

9- if they worked good note the pump of water cause it will soon begins adding water to the tanks sequentialy then make the correction to the rates of reblenishing(go to set.&mainte. choose rates setup, put the noisels of reblenishing  in small degreed battel run the pumps and check each pump how much it fills , set the value into the field of each pump)

10- now the machine got knowledge about each bumps strength and ammount

11- therefor the machine will give the order to each pump to add solution according to its condition

12- the machine already do the reblenishing depending on the counters of printing so it knows that when it prints this number of prints it need that ammount of solutions

now keep noting the replenishment and the rates

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