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Installing software for Forntier 330


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i got a big big problem after I had to format my server for the Forntier 330.

The problem is about the printer driver.

After my windows has gone down for a big virus I decided to format it and reinstall the windows 2k sp4.

Then i called my server FRONTEND and i created a user FRONTIER as administrator.

Afeter that i started to reinstall the software C4/C5 ver 4.x. So I've installed first the MSDB and then the Fuji software.

  At this point I've turned on the printer frontier 330, started the pre-operational maintainement and here I cannot find the FRONTEND server.

I think i'm missing something but i don't understand what since i following the guide.

If anyone can help me i'll be very very glad cause i'm having a lot of troubles.

Thanx in advance,


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On your Frontier 330, enter the service menu and find Explorer ( in the special operations section I think).  In explorer open network places and see if you can find Frontend. If it isn't there then you have some sort of networking issue, check the hub or switch and check the network settings on Frontend.  If it is there, I would try reinstalling the DI client on the 330. You do this by inserting your C4/C5 disk into the drive and restarting the Frontier 330. It will load the installer automatically.  Good luck.

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checkout this..

computer name: FRONTEND

workgroup: MICSGROUP

IP Address:

subnet mask: ( also u can configure other ip address. but change in frontier also)

add new user : FRONTIER

password:      : FRONTIER

put check mark for Password never expries and user cant change password options.

also give Administrative power for the FRONTIER user. ( go to Administartive tools.- user managment.).

after restart.

check network places EZPC00 is there. or try to ping it should ping if there is no hardware problems.

then put C4-C5 cd and install MSDE. after installation ask u to restart windows. after restart check system tray SQL server started with small green indication.

then install C4-C5 print data writing service from C4-C5 Cd. follow the steps and finish installation. then restart windows.

after restart, do pre-operation check in frontier. after go ADMIN FEin screen. type caps DI as password. configure OUTPUT DEVICES. (SLP800 sRGB) also configure Media drives ..and configure  FEout for writing. if cant access FEout..copy wnaspi32.dll and paste to C:\fe\feout folder. or install aspi drivers if u have.

i have mentioned this steps from my memory..might be small changes if consider with installation manual....but must help u...



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