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Front End Software Installation


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I'm going to install the Front-End software on a PC. I've already got a Front-end PC but wish to use the software on another one, too.

I have read one of the previous topics and as far as I know I have to follow these steps:

computer name: FRONTEND

workgroup: MICSGROUP

IP Address:

subnet mask: ( also u can configure other ip address. but

change in frontier also)

add new user : FRONTIER

password:      : FRONTIER

put check mark for Password never expries and user cant change password


also give Administrative power for the FRONTIER user. ( go to Administartive

tools.- user managment.).

after restart.

check network places EZPC00 is there. or try to ping it should

ping if there is no hardware problems.

then put C4-C5 cd and install MSDE. after installation ask u to restart

windows. after restart check system tray SQL server started with small green


then install C4-C5 print data writing service from C4-C5 Cd. follow the steps

and finish installation. then restart windows.

after restart, do pre-operation check in frontier. after go ADMIN FEin

screen. type caps DI as password. configure OUTPUT DEVICES. (SLP800 sRGB)

also configure Media drives ..and configure  FEout for writing. if cant

access FEout..copy wnaspi32.dll and paste to C:\fe\feout folder. or install

aspi drivers if u have.

As I said, I've got a front-end pc, so the name of the computer should be different - if not - there would be a network conflict. May I change the name to one I want? Or maybe to sth like this: FRONTIER1, FRONTIER2, etc?

Do I need two partitions? Or maybe just a big one is OK? Where can I get English software? I've got the Japanese one, and can't understand it...



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1. Only one PC is used as SERVER and this PC is normally named FRONTEND. Only on this PC is SQL installed. If you want more PCs on network with C4/C5 features FUJI recommends names like FRONTEND01, FRONTEND02 etc. For C4/C5 ver 5.5 there is special procedure for connencting additional PCs into network. If you send me your e-mail I can help you.

2. No, one is OK, but you have then mess on HDD. For me is better three: SYSTEM, SPOOL, IMAGES. The last one is for customer's work.

3. Send me an e-mail and version of software you use.

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1.you can change server name "FRONTEND" to the other name.But you must be uninstall MSDE and delete MSSQL7 Folder in C drive. And install new MSDE and C4C5 again.

2.IP Address: you can change to you want but must be in your class 192.168.1.xx, 192.168.0.xx, 192.10.0.xx etc.

3.Important. If you change server to the other name. You must be install C4C5 in FRONTIER PC (main control unit) and Confirm new Computer server name.

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I read in the forum that is possible to add a second (slave) frontend pc on the network, but if I undestand correctly has a different installation procedure than the first one. Can you help me with a step-by step guide (installation procedure) for a server machine?

Thanks a lot,

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