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two frontend


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I do not believe that.

I also have two computers in a network plus The Frontier Printer, but only one can send orders to Frontier without the FE software.

And that because the Computer that sends orders must be named FRONTEND and in a network each computer must have a distinct/unique name to be able to comunicate in that network.

I have a computer for Photoshop and other work and FRONTEND for the correcting and sending to Frontier(EZPC), as I believe that lots of you also have.

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Two or three of more PC (frontend ) an be connected as Frontend. Simply install C4/C5 on all PC and don't install MCSD. Name the the PC Frontend1, Frontend2 and so on.

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Spectrumcolors, FRONTEND1, FRONTEND2, FRONTEND3 are unique names, as I said, they aren't FRONTEND so won't connect with the Frontier Printer. And without SQL the FE-IN software will give you error after error.

Maybe Ididn't understand very well what you're saying.

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its possible to use multiple DI computers for sending digital files to frontier. latest C4-C5 version 5.5 support more than one DI . even i had installed multiple DI's 4 years back with old C4-C5 ver.4.6. so its 100% sure its possible to install multiple DI's.

regarding FE you need another software named  MULTI DIC for multi DI.

but however all prints go thru a single server. ( main FRONTEND or in FE its FE-FRONTEND.)

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