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Replacement MPU installation for Frontier 370


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We have ordered a new MPU and are trying to move all of the important settings to the new unit from the old one.  The SCSI card of the old unit is not functioning.  Also, following the manual is worthless!  I am looking for help in these areas:

1. archiving the old data to a network directory on a server and retrieving it for the new machine in correct form

2. checking on the following errors: e-1111, e-1119, and printer alignment issues - the measure the <a> <b> <c> distances is all wonky

3. Inability to initialize the scanner due to the above errors 1111 and 1119

4. paper conditions are NG after repeated tries


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I don't think you will have much luck archiving to a network drive.  Fuji's software does allow for a data backup to floppy. I believe you end up with 2 disks, one for the scanner and one for the printer.  Another option is to have the drives from the old computer imaged onto the new drives (providing you are replacing the MPU with the exact same kind) Is the new MPU one from Fuji?  Not sure about the errors, but the paper condition issue could be caused by using the wrong LUT (lookup table) for the paper type. I would install the latest LUTs from Fuji, then in the screen where you setup the paper magazines you can chose the appropriate letter for the paper you are using.

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1. Old data to a network directory will not help much. rather take an image or better reinstall with SP and LP data floppy.

2 . both error related with film carrier focus caliberation and focus position adj. should do the adjustments thru setup and maintenance. but concern focus calibration you might need jig chart.

or a clean reinstall with SP data will solve errors.

3.printer alignment issues also possible to rectify.

4.may be because of bad chemical or worst magazine setup data.


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