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Two sp3000 scanners on one system?


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please let me know whats ur current configuration..means how did your machine connected. for example you have SP3000 scanner and Frontier 7700. then no need FMPC. just MS01 is enough. i dont know why your current configuration comes with FMPC. as you said. but if you want one more scanner Sp3000 wants to include this configuration then you need FMPC. hope u got.


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My configuration is as follows:

I have an SP3000 scanner, Frontier 7700 and the FMPC, these are all connected to a hub.

The FMPC monitor is the one displaying MS01. The SP3000 monitor displays Frontman.

The FMPC has a raid hard disk configuration. All data is on this PC.

The daily setup and startup checks are also done on this.

The SP3000 just scans and sends all images to FMPC which then spools to Frontier printer.

Any ideas??

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concern ur configuration in fact no need FMPC. because if you using FMPC then you must have another DIC. so i guess you dont have FMPC. may be MS01 pc named as FMPC.

SP3000...................IEEE 1394..............MS01( DIC)............LAN............LP7700.

so here what you need more? you want add one more film scanner like SP500 or SP3000?


Christina Rose.

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