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Unable to print from MS 01 in Frontier 7700


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Hi folks

Something strange happened since this morning. I am not being able to send prints out to processor from the MS 01 software. It started when I got a message saying unable to connect to DIC III server.

I rebooted several times and now DIC III shows as connected but I cant import digital files it says importing xx files and just stays that way till I cancel out, neither can I scan in pics from SP 3000 scanner.

Seems to me like a corrupt .dll file. Any ideas how to fix this problem? The workstation is a DELL PRECISION 390 running Win XP pro.

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I think I have seen some GHOST backups on the hard disk, i will do another backup and try to re-install instead of debugging the program which ofcourse

is out of my capabilities....

I will post the results as soon as I am up and running, thanks again for your almost instant feedback.

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By the way....

In case all else fails, what is the sequence for re-installation? I mean OS (Win XP), Initial Data, Calibration Plate Data, MS 01, other optional software?

As I have not done this before, any help/suggestions are appreciated. I do have the original CDs from Fujifilm at hand in case this needs to be done. I just do not want to botch things up...

Thanks in advance!

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Still getting the message Cannot connect to Job database server DICIII and the top window of MS01 is blank instead of showing order lines.

The top left part of MS01 also shows free space 0.0GB

It looks like there is a missing connection somewhere.

I did a daily setup and that part worked fine.

Further assistance needed!!!!!

Pease help!

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I will try to reload from the Ghost image this evening. I am not sure if this image has been made when the system was fully functional.

I purchased this system brand new and no Ghost DVD was provided although all origignal program CDs are provided.

While I was going through the HD contents I found a hidden partition  with the image files but as yet do not know the contents thereof.

I sincerely hope that this is a complete image with OS and other Frontier software installed.

Will post comments after reloading....

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I have managed to re-load the system from the ghost image and it is running fine. All paper data and settings are also intact.

One thing though, the program is now asking for a password saying "you are using unlicenced copies of software..... please contact Fuji rep for a password".

I have contacted my place of purchase and am now waiting for the password.

Otherwise I am up and running again.... Many thanks for all your time and help.

God bless you.

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On 23/3/2009 at 1:23 AM, Christina Rose said:

means you can findout a thread which has already discussed regarding MS01 installation with SP500 scanner. check the earlier posts here. i think that was feb. 1st week.

or checkout this.



Hi Christina.   This link does not exist. Can you give me another?    When I will be reinstall system, where can I find password?

Thank you...    Mayer

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