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frontier lp7500, ms01 2.5.5 slow image uploading


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we have frontier lp 7500 connected with PC (intel quad, 4 GB ddr3, wd raptor system disc, and another hdd for spool)

the problem is when loading pictures we have to wait too long to read a folder within local or network disc, and when importing pictures in job the proccess is taking too long, like 1 picture 1second, and if we upload 50 pictures it takes too long.

any help?


best regards

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I had simular problem after a new computer. The network card was 10/100/1000 (gigabit) and after a few prints there was an error: no network connections. Sometimes after 10 prints sometimes after 50 prints. Uploading was very slow indeed.  I checked every part of that new computer and after installing a network card wchich was not gigabit, only 10/100, the problem was solved.

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hi Peterd

thanks for your reply

yes indeed that is a problem between PC and Frontier.. it seems that frontier have only 10/100 mbs network card and it can not communnicate in 1gigabit.

but we solved that few days ago.

still we have problems when for example you have 100 pictures, everys picture 4-6mb, pictures are on local hard disc on FRONTIER PC, when i make new order 10x15 cm and go to view images, i click import those images and the process it is very slow when importing pictures for working, like 1 picture 1 second, and i always catch up with machine.

i can not process pictures fast, because i must wait for software to open it....

like 100 pictures he opens 2 minutes....

and when pictures come from order machine they are fully ready to process no delays.



best regards

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it is because you are using MS only on one PC and others PC are just on network. Isn't it? you have to load printer driver on all PC so that it coud directly send to Frontier or QSS 37 series .

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hi spectrumcolors

thanks for your reply

you are right we only have Ms on "Frontier" PC,

but i dont understand how and what to install on another PC-s

can you explain it to me.

where? what?

because i think that worker that installed new frontier at my place few days ago dont have any idea what he was doing.

can you explain it to me what to do. what drivers to load?

thanks for your help

best regards

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i think if you have 100 pictures of  4-6 Mb files which is possible to open within 2 minutes, then thats enough fast. one picture once second means it takes 100 seconds only. less than 2 minute. netwrok speed matters only when the order is sending to printer. i am maintaining 8 numbers of frontier 7100 and 3 numbers of frontier 7500. all have  about same speed like what u mentioned.

anyway just check following..

check the virtual memory.if its set in C:\ just remove. change to other drives. make it 4000 MB.

also check network card link speed. make it 100 Mbps full mode.

in fronier - maintenance-machine specifications- change network speed 100 MBps full mode.

you need MULTI DICIII software for sending files from other PC's.


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Frontier (7500,7700) printing speed is depend on MS01 not the hardware

(ex. RAM, Ethernet ... , It's minor bottle neck to printing speed )

* Real Hardware speed : Dry to Dry [2 min 53 sec]

   File Conversion takes the very long time.

Frontier system was building on noritsu machine.

And, new software (MS01) is designed for general usages.

For example.

Frontier 350,370 ... : User File -> System Software -> *.raw (Outspool) -> Real Printing

Frontier 7500,7700.. : User File -> MS01 -> Job Registration -> Generating Preview -> Defining Order -> Noritsu Driver  -> Real Printing

New software has much more steps than old software.

So, New software can't printing in maximum speed of hardware.

It's very big bugs in frontier system software.

Good Idea, but bad implement in real world.

To improve the printing speed, you must control system directly.

And you can get the maximum printing speed without the delay.

If you want to use solution that control the system directly.

Here is the some useful information

the fujifilm korea branch / 3rd party solution provider [maxpaper]

FujiFilm Korea : yunsls@fujifilm.co.kr

3rd Pary S/W  : simonsayz@naver.com

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