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Greenish tint in test


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Using the DPII paper I get a green tint on the grayscale print/daily setup, Supreme paper is much better.

Is there a way to get a more neutral grayscale?

There is a ugly greenish tint in the line 2-3-4-5 from the bottom of the setup print, have tried to scan it, but its not visible on the scanned image (poor scanner calibration?)

Emulsion number change says its okay, black balance says ok, but still this tint and around black letters there is a thin greenish outline (also on Supreme paper)

Lab is LP7200 with newest MS software.

Chemistry test clears ok every week.

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I just looked through the MS Maintenance, but couldn't find anything that had with the printing/paper, just settings for things like backprint, products, cleanup, print-to-print, etc.

If I go into the "Noritsu" menu's (the one controlling processor/printer) I do have settings for paper magazine, temp. correction, etc, but I have not seen any adjustments for setup base values.

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