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converting Frontie to B&W


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I couldn't get the Fact sheet to pull up but this is a True B&W process I have used the RT 2000 chem. for years. It will be a major ordeal to cobvert a frontier to B&W. It is probably in development and yes a CHIP among other things will have to be changed. The exposure system changed, the processer will have to be sped up or working temps altered. I,m sure R&D may be working on it but don,t think foe a moment all you will have to do is replace a CHIP and starte running B&W paper and Chemistry. I'll do some research. I know that Durst Theta has a B&W printer Processer but that was designed B&W and not a conversion.

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Fact Sheet not yet available. Contact your Ilford rep NOT fuji. I would be leary untill I saw more than just one or two of these conversions in the field and working properly. Keep in mind that when you convert you will have limited support if any from fuji and have to deal with Ilford.

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