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Fuji DPS Dell Optiplex on board Computer


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Can anyone give help or advice. On start up our DPS came up with an error message yesterday in which there was a file missing - requesting reloading of the Windows 2000 CD.  We have all our manuals and cds carefully stored from when we very first had them and to be fair don't need to refer to them very often but there is

no Windows 2000 CD-rom.  On asking a fellow retailer in the next town if he had one we might (or might not) have been able to use - after a similar search they haven't got one either.  Would anyone know if this is the usual case when Fuji supply you with equipment.  We have everything else???  I am alarmed as when recently asking Fuji if they could supply us with any recently updated software for the DPS we were told there would be

a small charge of €2000-€3000.00 euros!!!  We obviously didn't take them up on that!  It's not really needed anyway as our customers really are only interested in printing their pics and anthing complicated they need done we either help them with through the DPS or directly through the counter PC.  Am really worried - any help suggestions out there??? A rebuild + software if too expensive and option if necessary.  Sorry for the long winded narrative. .....  As an added afterthought and even more alarming he told me his pc in his Fuji DPS had also failed recently and he now has another Kiosk from another retailer - alarming as we both had our original equipment round about the same time......

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I think fuji not giving any kind of sperate windows 2000 softwares with KIOSKs. usually fuji supply some windows OEM packs which preloaded with the computers which comes with DPS Kiosks and frontier minilabs. in that case they given Set of Recovery cd's which will automatically install the opearting system and drivers. so i think check any recovery cd you got with DPS.

or else just check with some computer Hardware technicians to see whats the exact problem. may be some missing file, could able to repair without hurting system software. you can use the old system software. new version always costly. by the way which version DPS you are using there?


Christina Rose.

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