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Auto Washing Nozzle cause overlaped prints


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Hi guys! Finally i found the cause of overlapped prints in my frontier 370: the Auto Washing Nozzles. Maybe I made a mistake during the assembly of them, and for some reason the crossovers gears doesn´t work well with the racks.

So, i´m working without the nozzles and all prints were OK. A technician friend of mine told had the same problem in a Frontier 500, with nozzles out the problem was fixed.  Try with this if you have the same problem.


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Yes, too much autowashing can make some crossover rollers swollen on their extremities and that makes too less pressure on their middle side, where the prints travel.

You can extract the crossover and put a wet picture between every pair of rollers rotating the rollers and trying to see if the picture slips when you pull on some degrees of rotation.

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