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Processor FP 232


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I do not wish to teach anyone how to suck eggs but here is my version of your problem.

If your negs are looking thin whereby you cannot read the coding or see the image clearly on the negs then it is generally down to inacurate working temperature and or CD solution too weak.

1st:   Check your temperature with accurate thermometer and compare with your machine reading, obviously if wrong then adjust your machine calibration to the thermometer reading.

2nd:  Check your replenishment rate output to that of what it should be giving you and if different input your latest figures.

3rd:   If the above two are ok, then check that the present replenishment output for the volume you are doing is sufficient to keep the CD alive, by this I mean if your film volume is low in comparison to what it was, then you need to increase your replenishment rates which to be truthful I would do anyway this time of the year no matter what.

Just to add and depending on volume I would advise that you do not switch on your film pro until you have sufficient films in or of course a 1hr. they are like you and me, when they are working they need feeding to keep up the energy levels but when off they don't, having said that do not turn off for days on end.

Hope this is of some help.


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