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Hey Nash,

You should try going into setup and maintenance, login as SE2 password 7777, goto processor input/output.  Check the P1RA, P2RA, and P2RB upper and lower level sensors.  If one says no and the rest say yes, add water to the one that says no until is says yes. reboot if needed.  That is a temp fix.  Let me know if you want the permanent fix.


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I am unfamiliar with the P1-RDS valve, I have a PDF version of the service manual for that machine.  I did a search and did not find it there as well.  Where is this valve located at?  

As for that permanent fix.  That will take a bit of troubleshooting.  You need to take the side panel off, the side where the main breaker is located.  That will reveal you replenisher section.  Next pull the front panel off in front of the processor section, then remove the panel to the right where the replenisher box goes.  That will open up you replenisher drain valves.  Breaker off the printer and then drain the 3 replenishers, don't drain PSR.  Turn the machine back on and when it askes, install a new replenisher box.  Once it starts mixing, go to the side that the breaker is located on, and watch the upper lower float switches.  When it's done, are all replenisher levels at the same level.  If not, one is not getting enough water.  If they are the same level, maybe an upper float switch is going bad and stays down sometimes when there is plenty of solution tricking the machine that there is not enough there.  If all levels are the same, there is a one way valve located just to the left of the replenisher tanks/float switchs I think for the P2RA.  the valves ware out sometimes and need to be replaced, check the valves and see if they look abnormal.  instead of being nice and smooth, they will be curved and not so smooth.  replace and try mixing again.  If that doesn't do the trick, it could be a little deeper.  sometimes you get a message, cleaning valve abnormal, could be those guys having issues, not very likely.  


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On 7/11/2019 at 5:53 PM, Domus said:

I have a problem of polygamy malfunction

Are you sure that have problems with polygamy? If really - then have to find some other forum. Our forum is about minilabs and we do not solve family problems here. Polygamy is when someone lives with few partners ( for example man has two wives ) .

If really you have polygon malfunction and have E2503 error then can be that polygon doesn't rotate. Then can be mechanical polygon fault, faulty motor, missing power supply, missing polygon ON signal or do not have pulses, which controls rotation speed. If polygon rotates, but have error can be that rotation sensor doesn't work, or missing signal from motor to board.

More can say, when know minilab model.

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Now understand and can help you.
Cartridge setting sensor D741 SHARP GP1A71A1 with seal - Fuji p.n. 146G03701
Cartridge box upper sensor D742 SHARP GP1A71A1 - Fuji p.n. 146H0203
Cartridge box lower sensor D743 SHARP GP1A71A1 - Fuji p.n. 146H0203
On GP1A71A1 used connector DF3A-3P-2DSA. GP1A71A1 used on some older equipment - Roland ( CJ-540 and other - Roland part number 15229705 ) , Panasonic, Olivetti and some other.
Instead SHARP GP1A71A1 can use any opto sensor with similar dimensions, 5V power supply, with open collector output and the same pinout. Some time ago I used EESX4235AP2 ( made by Omron ) . Sensor connector is slightly different, so had cut off piece of plastic to have possibility plug in original connector.

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