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frontier 570


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Really, only if your allergic to photo chemicals.  You will know if you are by touching it on your skin and you get a rash or irritation.  People like me, I just dig in with no personal protection equipment, and then wash my hands when i'm done.  If you want to be cautious, tank 1 and 2 (developer and bleach/fix) will cause the most irritation. Tank 3 PS1, is just water with run off of bleach/fix from tank 2.  The rest, just warm water with algae (if left unchanged for too long, will eventually look like black ink).  There are external processor filters and interal filters.  The internal filters are located at the bottom of PS1 and PS2 (or PS2 and PS3 i forget) just under the racks.  The external filters are located under a panel after you lift up the heater/sorter section.  

I hope some of this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.


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No special equipment is needed.  Absolutely make sure that the machine is breakered off before changing the laser filter.  Pull the top cover off (the part with the LCD display screen).  Remove the one screw, and the filter should slide out.  replace with new filter.  When you turn the machine back on.  There is a section in setup and maintenance where you need to reset the laser filter history,  so that one year from the change of date, the machine will give you a reminder to change the laser filter.  

Do you have a service manual for your 570?


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