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Black & White printing


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Hi there, I have a LP7200, works perferct unti I want to print in black and white, sometimes prints go kind of yellow and sometimes they go kind of red, and at the end of the day I end up with sepia/cian/blue/yellow prints. Can anyone help me in how to print true black and white pictures in my minilab?

thank you


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Buy used Fr350 with lasers......  Otherwise, I know that Noritsu 35 series had problem with quality and stability due to exposure system. REMEMBER, last real FUJI minilab is Frontier 550/570/590, newer are Noritsu 35 or 37 with different door colors, scanners and upper part of software. It means that MS communicates with Noritsu software which really controls priniting machine.

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In my (limited) experience, producing a true b/w image on colour paper is a real ballancing act (sic), and excuse me if I am telling you what you allready know. Before you can even contemplate the image, the machine must be ballanced.

Start with an rgb image. De-saturate. print, analyse, correct. I usualy find most fall into the same 'group' of corrections, so have produced several correction profiles, but as allways these are just a 'good start'. I.E. one profile is -0.7y, +1.0m, +1.0d, another simply -0.3m. (all applied after de-saturation, so in theory there should be no colour present).

But I have found the key is to get the density correct first. Every time I contemplate a batch I wish for a straightforward job, but hey, if it was simple and straightforward we would be without a job!

Anyone with more experiance in this field like to help us here?

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We are getting excellent and consistent black and white prints on our Noritsu 3202 by using the following procesure.

Ensure master balance/morning set up has been done

emulsion balance the paper to be used for the B&W prints

set the chroma or color saturation at the minimum (50)

use density corrections only, no color corrections at all

We get better results on Supra, but Royal and Edge are pretty damn close

And it all works well!

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