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What is the difference between ms and fmpc software?And which one is good regarding quality aspect?With which frontier models do the above software work?What additional software and hardware do need to use fmpc/ms with frontier 340,355,570?Please give full information.Thanks in advance


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MS and FMPC meaned different software. MS is the latest  operating enviroment using for frontier 7xxx series. off-course MS will support other frontier modals also. but can connect thru a FMPC.

FMPC used to isolate (seperate) scanner and printer. you can print digital files without scanner. even scanner is busy also will not affect printing from DI.  scanner and printer connected to a seperate PC .thats FMPC. To make FMPC need  high configuration INTEL computer, two fire wire cards, FMPC software, IEEE cables and EEPROM to fix printer CTL board.

FMPC doesnt make any change in print quality.there is no improvement in quality of print. its just used to increase the productivity of the machine. FMPS support frontier 350,370,355,375,550 and 570.

But MS is excellent in print quality.


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