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Parts and Repairs Images and Pictures


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I always had lacked detailed images of the spots I intended to repair in my minilabs.

It would be a great advantage to foresee what you will get to.

I suggest posting here pictures of our repairs along with some explanations about location and type of minilab that is in the pictures. I am not home now, but tommorow morning I will post Frontier 340 AOM Driver Pictures, location and surroundings.

I will also subscribe to this thread and hope it will be successful for being a real help to us all.

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Loose 1 colour have to change them both?

How much are they?

Its interesting how AOM's have gone from 3  to 2 and some now only have 1

You have some very big PCB's in that lot, make sure you take anti static precautions or you can do damage just looking, especially cables that link to doors/ panels that open, pull a plug slightly and you are chasing alarms

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