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FP 230-232 Circulation Pump Disassembly


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Can anyone tell me if the circulation pump from the 232 Film Processor can be disassembled and what is in it.

i see that it might bbe made from several modules, one for every chemical, that seem to be connected to each other.

i am having a strange noise from that pump and believe something got in there through the pipes after i washed tanks, maybe a screw, i don't know.

i intend to take the pump out of the system, very hard job, and put it upside down to see if anything falls, also to check by disassembling it, if there is a mecanical issue.

It hears just like a grinder.

Did anyone else disassembled such a pump? In the book it says that it is replaceable not repairble and that includes the motor and all.

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