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Frontier 350 scanner-printer communication error


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"W2110 Communication error occured between scanner and printer (communication error code number= 1)"

This is the error that I get today from my 350 Frontier scanner. What could it be except the cable?

P.S.: Thanks for the ideas that helped me find and replace my AOM driver on the other Frontier 340!

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communication errors in frontier series is always Nig headache. its very difficult to say here is the problem. to findout the cause need to take lot of measures. some case restart will fix the problem. if it remains means may be one of PCB malfunction either scanner side or printer side. check with service manual is better idea..

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Thanks for the reply! I had once an error between Frontier 340 and the Digital Station but then it was something else, the network adapter appeared to be having no more drivers in Device manager on the Printer side, the yellow question mark appeared next to the Adapter in the list.  I solved it by reinstalling the printer and backing it up for safety.

But this is different, the network between Frontier 340 and Scanner PC is an old paralel and an old COM cable, i don't understand too much their functioning.

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The error is on the Frontier350, SP2000. I've replaced the GLO20 board(on the scanner side) that has the firewire on and the error is still unresolved.  I've checked the cable continuity and it is OK.  What else?

On Win NT there appears no network, no neighbours, no nothing. What kind of diagnostic tools are there for checking the scanner or the server side, the network configuration, network boards, or correct ip, ping, device manager.

I used a HDD image but I think about reinstalling Win NT, Do you know what settings should I use for user, password and other tweaks?

Another thing, in the Error List, for this error it says: "(communication erreor: Code No.=%NUM%) Refer to manual for guidance." I don't get it, what manual, which one, I didn't find anything in these manuals?  Damn these japanese!

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Fuji Frontier are really poor machines. manuals are not So helping. Software is no friendly user. Just try to restart both pinter and scanner and try your luck though I know you had tried this so many times. recovery disk is a better option and reisntall the software A1 again.

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sorry about your issues. i don't know why people thinking so disappointed about Fuji machines. as u know machines shipped with all the manuals as in printed format earlier and now in .pdf format in cd. so def. manual will be there including service manual and it helps very much in situations. may be you missed somewhere.

usually IEEE cable will not faulty. because its high quality wire. unless it should cut somewhere.

in frontier 350, network cable is using for only communicate with DI. all the prints going to the printer thru IEEE only.

its much better if possible to get a recovery cd. because if you load without recovery very difficult to configure the timer card and scsi drivers. its always a better idea to equipped with all and kind of service manuals, softwares, testers and necessary technical documents regarding machines. because Fuji machines are so incredible in terms of print quality and worst headache when its not working...;-)

there is a systematic  way when dealing with communication error. in manual its mentioned very clearly. anyhow if there is no luck with GLO then could be because of other reasons. anyhow before anything Toshiba should be in good condition. so try to reload the A1 and check.

if you have HDD image then no need worry about settings. once its restore, everything will be there.

good luck.

best regards,

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