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Prints overlapped on Frontier 340


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Our prints from Frontier 340 overlapped sometime. It happen more often  when we print on gloss paper.  It doesn't happen all the time, so it's really difficult to determine where the problem is.  Please give me some advise where I should check?

Thank you.

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Being a copy of the SFA 248 dryer, the Frontier 340's dryer has same weaknesses. You can check the soft rollers for wear and also check

how tight are the springs that keep the net tight.

Never tighten them because the net doesn't carry the prints, just guides them on the wheels under it.

Maybe your springs are too tight, as many are from factory, and make dryer mechanism hard to spin, thus producing drive motor stops or unnoticed skips of rotations that unsynchronize racks and dryer, leading to picture overlapping.

Watch the exit rollers during drive motor: if they have a trembling rotation and not a smooth one this might be your problem.

You may also have loose crossover locks that let them separate from the racks and skip rotations.

Also try to keep soft rollers from the dryer clean and also the metal guides for being able to accomplish their tasks well.

I hope you solved it by now.

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