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Frontier 340 print counter


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We all know that when the Frontier 340 is turned off it loses processing data, I mean you won't know how many prints you have processed during that day.

For a long time I though that even if you can't see them they still save to the Total Number of Prints  that I usually check and clear at the end of each month.

Because some calculations that I made don't match, I think now that they DON'T.

Please help me understand what is the procedure to have your number of prints processed saved somewhere for sure.

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I noticed now that you must totally avoid forced shut down because it isn't saving and after restart you won't see any number of pictures, so, now, everytime I need a shut down, I go through Post Operational Shut Down, let it save the data and then press the red exclamation for Forced Shut Down.

This way I didn't loose my counters anymore, but what if I have a power failure? No saving then. Doesn't it have a hardware counter, did these Japanese have been so dumb not to think about it?

How can I know at the end of the month for sure what has been processed in my Frontier 340 locations?

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